Speaker Spotlight: Rollie Dimos

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Rollie Dimos:  Internal Auditor, Assemblies of God.

Rollie is a certified fraud examiner and certified internal auditor. Rollie has a deep desire to help church leaders reduce the risk of fraud. He currently serves as the Internal Audit Director at the national offices of the Assemblies of God, located in Springfield, Missouri. Prior to joining the Assemblies of God, Rollie was an auditor with the US Army. Rollie has a deep desire to help church leaders reduce the risk of fraud and increase financial accountability and integrity.

He will be speaking on: The Top 10 Ways to Avoid Fraud in the Church: Financial fraud is a growing problem in the church. Some research suggest that financial fraud in the church now out paces giving to world missions. As stewards of money given to the work of God we must be vigilant to protect the resources given to us. In this session we will look at the Top 10 Ways your ministry can avoid fraud.


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