Speaker Spotlight: Jennifer Ross

On October 15th and 16th, hear from one of Miller Management System’s own:

Jennifer Ross: Client Services Manager, Miller Management Systems, LLC

MMS-96_1Jennifer has worked at Miller Management Systems, LLC for over 9 years. She now leads the client services team at MMS which processes Accounts Payable and Contribution Record-keeping. Jennifer is also a regular instructor for the Institute for Church Management. Jennifer also serves as the Treasurer at her home church.

She will be teaching the break-out session entitled, Non-Monetary Offering: What do you do when someone gives the church a car, van, boat, plane, stock, computer, or anything else that is not cash? How is it reported? Who assigns the value of the gift? In this session, learn how to deal with all of the “other” gifts that can come into a church.

To register for this two-day event, visit: www.3EConference.com/registration.