Hot Topic: Stewardship

The 3E Conference on October 15th and 16th is full of great speakers and sessions. Here is one of the hot topics we will be featuring:

Growing a Culture of Stewardship: When the average Christian gives only 2% to their church, we know that we have a problem. At the other end of the spectrum 5% of the population actually tithes. So how do we facilitate the movement of a disciple along the path of discipleship?

We have collected a great deal of research over the past 20 years of helping churches raise funds. In the workshop we will cover both the keys to success as well as detailed failure analysis. The best practices that we review will have specific “return on investment” costs and benefits on each strategy. We will cover case studies for each of the seven components of a culture of stewardship.


Managing an Annual Stewardship Campaign: Should we ask? How should we ask? When? Where? What needs to happen before we ask? What should we not do? Attend this workshop to discover what other successful churches have done in their annual stewardship campaigns. We will cover a specific calendar of activities, review materials from other church campaigns, examine the statistical and financial impact of different tactics and help you prepare a campaign plan for your church.

Fortunately there are best practices, and a clear set of mistakes to avoid. You will be surprised to discover the few miraculous components that result in a flow of generosity. This is not fundraising, this is a critical step on the path of discipleship.


Speakers: Denis Greene: President, Church Development


Greene began working in the nonprofit development field in 1981. He founded Church Development in 1992 after a near-death experience motivated him to integrate his faith, education, and skills in work that served the church and the virtue of stewardship. His undergraduate and graduate studies are in organizational development and he was awarded the CFRE professional designation by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. He has helped over 200 churches across the USA raise more than $200,000,000.


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