Hot-Topic: AVL Systems

The 3E Conference on October 15th and 16th is full of great speakers and sessions. Here is one of the hot topics we will be featuring:

Realistic Expectations when Budgeting for Audio/Video/Lighting and Acoustic Systems: The average church purchases three sound systems in the first decade of building a new facility, mainly due to a lack of understanding of what is truly required to achieve their goals. In this session we will discuss realistic expectations when budgeting for AVL technology, the need for custom solutions, the typical lifespan of various systems, and best practices when the technology changes and upgrades are necessary. We’ll also discuss successful ways for you to interact with your technical staff and music leaders.

Speaker: Marcus Hammond: Church Resource Director, Stark Raving Solutions

Marcus_Hammond_3E_Headshot1_2015With over a decade of church technical leadership and production experience, Marcus serves as Church Resource Director with Stark Raving Solutions. He’s passionate about helping local churches connect with their congregation and helping church technical teams reach a new level of success. Marcus lives in Kansas City with his wife, Jill, and enjoys travel, Hi-Fi audio, and KC BBQ!


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